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500 kHz Recordings and Other Morse

I spotted a thread about the William B. Gould, III recordings of 500 kc/s during the 1960's, I wanted to assure all these were genuine. There were problems as I've detailed in that thread at digitizing the recordings the biggest one is no radio station had a very slow speed (consumer type) reel-to-reel player or recorder. I obtained and used the only such device that I was able to find.

The rest of the Morse Archive is at this link. Bookmark it as I am adding recordings as they become available. Some of the recordings are much better. If I had the sense I would have bought better equipment to record the one's I made, but I thought I'd be hearing 500 kHz forever it seems.

There is also another email list devoted entirely to Radio Officers:!forum/radio-officers Those who were R/O's air, land, sea, military, or technicians at service companies, or technicians at the various stations or bone fide historians are welcome! Please make sure you sign up for immediate email as it works best that way.



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