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500 Khz

Members are probably aware that moves are afoot to retain 500 khz as a heritage frequency to the Maritime Radio Service and some countries have already allocated it to amateurs on an experimental basis. The following seems to throw a different light on things.
Anyone any idea what navaids they are talking about?

From the recent IMO COMSAR meeting.
4.75 The Sub-Committee recalled that, at COMSAR 12, it had considered the proposal by IFSMA to preserve the heritage of the important frequency 500 kHz, and that it was considered that this frequency could be better used in future. The Sub-Committee had also considered it necessary to be very careful not to lose access to this very important frequency band, currently controlled in the maritime environment.
4.76 The Sub-Committee noted that WP 5B had sent a liaison statement to WP 5A on studies related to WRC-11 Agenda item 1.23 stating that, prior to identification of preferred frequency bands for secondary amateur allocations in the 415-526.5 kHz bands, the maritime service must first consider existing and future requirements for ship and port safety spectrum in existing maritime spectrum to solve Agenda item 1.10.
It was also noted that the band was also under study for the provision of future systems for enhancing of safety of navigation at sea (e-navigation applications).
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