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I do know that there are NAVTEX transmissions on 490 and 518KHZ and must not be interferred with in any way!!
Regarding the amateur bands I have just received a SRP NOV to my licence
for the bands 501 to 504khz allocation for Fort Perch Rock club callsign of GB4FPR and are hoping to be on the air on 502 khz on Marconi day on Sat 25th April 0000 to 2359 gmt using Marconi radio gear from an official Marconi station. Lets hope we can get the gear going in time!!
Aerials for this frequency may be a problem-----length.
Quite a few European countries have amateur allocations on these bands also USA, Canada I think presently hoping and Ireland are requesting people to apply for this band as well. Anything else I do not know about--sorry!
Regards ftf

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