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Originally Posted by King Ratt View Post
Thanks R651400. However I have this stored in my favourite Youtubes. My wife thinks I am crazy because I sometimes run it as background in my study. She is probably quite correct.
For Searcher 2004. I recorded the coast stations going QRT on that Hogmanay many years ago. I have it stored in my iTunes files. I will endeavour to post it on here. I am only 50 miles from GPK and he roared in at my QTH with the opening of the closing "ceremony".

That will save me a lot of messing about! I recorded the last evening in East Anglia and I'm sure there's a few "DX" callsigns in the operator's chat at the end, maybe Newfoundland, IIRC. Amazing how quiet the background noise was on 500kc then, no plasma TVs and noisy routers to contend with.

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