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Originally Posted by cueball44 View Post
hi joe, a chap named 'JOHN DRYDEN' mentioned you the other day, he answered one of my post's on the 'UNKNOWN TANKER' thread, said he had a drink with you in durban in the early 70's , by the way the hull trawler skipper who's son died on the 'STATESMAN' was called 'JOE RUSSELL', win,'cueball44'.
Yes knew John Dryden was with Bank line and attended Trinity House same time as and John Linford last time I saw him he had just moved from Whitby to York working ashore.
I do remember drinking with him in Durban along with Les Fant as you know Durban was our salvage station and we got to know all the regular vessels into Durban and knew which ship bars were welcoming cor some Pi-- ups I can tell you.
Hope to see all you guys on the 03rd June.
Looking forward to it
Take care
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