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schooner “Emanuel” (ex “Johanna Elisabeth”)

I am about to complete my research of the loss without trace of the schooner “Emanuel” (ex “Johanna Elisabeth”) in the Bay of Biscay, in 1934.
Details of that vessel are in an extract from LRS 1934, which I am unable to upload here.
See much more abt the vessel at :
where one can read in the Ship History Data that in 1915 she was confiscated by the Admiralty as an enemy vessel and thereafter traded under the Red Ensign to 1930.

I am now specially interested in photograph(s) and drawing(s) of that vessel.

Unfortunately I could not locate on the web any of the British owners / managers listed in the link above. I suppose those were small operators that did not survive the vagaries of time.

Can any reader please help?
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