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Originally Posted by Robin Wishart View Post
Hello all, I am also very interested in Tremo models, I have a collection of 22 of them which includes set no. 1, set no. 4 plus 13 others. Unusual ones I suspect are the Graf Spee in perfect cond [all three masts], Jean d' arc, USS Astoria and U59. There are 7 HMS cruisers [ Belfast, Kent etc.] Hood, 2 Tribals etc. I am not looking to sell these but would interested to hear what the community thought. They were all bought by my father in 39/40 in West Kilbride Scotland and very carefully played with on the billiards table all during the war. My father was just too young to fight, his big brother was however on 6 destroyers during the war as 'guns' officer, HMS Zulu being his longest serving ship until she was bombed and sank after a failed commando raid at Trobruk. He died on HMS Kite on the last convoy to Russia in 44. These models had a very special place in his heart which is why I do not want to sell them. Robin.
Robin this is a great collection. -Graf Spee is the most common of the German ships but is still uncommon. Jeanne d'Arc and Astoria and U59 rare and I suspect that the U-boot will be similar to the Wiking models but it will be interesting to see. The sets are extremely rare (even if they contain ships which are individually common).


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