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In the 1930's the artist Cassandre produced an advertising poster of the L'Atlantique showing a very impressive looking liner. I'm guessing he was not provided with a clear picture of what the real ship would look like...or perhaps he was and realized it needed to be jazzed up a bit. In reality she was far from beautiful. Her interiors were of course a totally different story. Perhaps second only to the Normandie in that grand art deco style. It was a shame she was destroyed so soon after her debut.
I have always felt that a moderate makeover would have made this duck into a swan. Add a deck to the bow forward of the bridge to overcome that stubby look, give her a clipper stem to make her look more modern, and a rounded bridge front which just always looks good, and perhaps a new funnel design and that might have done it. Had she survived the fire and the war perhaps she would have been modernized with those features.
A few years later Cassandre produced yet another beautiful ship poster which remains world famous to this day. That remarkable poster was of the Normandie. No need for him to improvise on that one....the poster shows an exact replica of the real deal. And what a thing of beauty she was!
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