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Originally Posted by brooksy View Post
That was a vessel called the Lagic.It was across the river upstream from Port Sutton Bridge.It had a steel cargo and it broke its back in 2 places.The port continued to be used whilst the Lagic was salvaged as they bought the ships up stern first.Wisbech was cut of whilst the salvage operation took place.
There were two incidents concerning two Rowbotham Tankers straddled across the Nene at different times in the 1960s, The Anchorman and the Tillerman I believe that there are photos and comments about both incidents on this site. The Tillerman became permanently sagged after the incident. If I remember correctly there were two pilots on the Nene, sometimes if there were more than two ship movements on a particular tide, the captain on one of the ships would be asked if he wouldbe willing to follow up, I believe that only occured with regular traders to the port. One of the pilots, was an ex Rowbotham captain, I have forgotten his name now. Bruce.
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