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Dad worked for some time for Tilbury Contacting and Dredging Company which was part of the Bos Kalis (Westminster Dredging Group0
His main experience in Southampton was just before D Day, he was awaiting taking a Suction Dredger "Tilburian"to Arromanche to dredge the harbour area (as it became) and to ballast the blockships.
He was rudely awaken in the early hours by an Army Officer who told him he would have to move immediately. Well with coal fired boilers and only winches to move it wasn't just a matter of turning a key, which Dad most forcefully expressed. He did do his best as he was told the reason for moving was that he was sitting on an unexploded bomb!
Later on just after the end of the war he took a bucket dredger to Harwich and had quite a lot of interruptions in the dredging by the Bucket Man shouting "There's another bomb (or shell) in the Bucket"
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