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Originally Posted by sternchallis View Post
You might want see if there are any old copies of Southerns Marine Diesel Oil Engines about prior to revision 8, mines rev 10 and it only has the LB, P & J types that were around in the 1970's.

It may be worth writing to the Institute of Marine Engineers if they are still around
( when I left they seemed to be pricing themselves out of the market).

Though whether anybody you speak to even knows what a Doxford is. They seemed far removed from when they were first set up or even when I joined in the 1970's, it was becoming very academic with pages of formula in their transactions. There was only John Gray who had a column that seemed in touch with real world. But worth a try, but they would want you to cross their palm with silver.
Back copies of the Motorship, Shipbuilder and Marine Engineer.

Somebody who would have had lots of info was Tony Frost, but he sadly passed over the bar.

Good luck in your endeavours, I sailed with 2 twin 6's an LB and a P type, with BSL, they were an experience that all Marine Engineers should have had.
Have Sotherns edition 8, with 3 cylinder doxfords in it, but no model type etc. mentioned.
Had forgotten how complicated the were!! Only sailed with 6 cylinder but worked on SSMTC single cylinder at college.
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