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Thanks for your comments, Majoco. No, I haven't got any spares for the valves in the Atalanta, but I guess they would be available online somewhere. Thanks for the tip. Auckland Aero and sometimes Nadi were booming in a few months back, but nothing but noise on their frequency now (or at least the last time I had the set on, which was about 3 weeks back). I get QRM from the laptop which is in the same room, so have to shut it down when I'm on the radio, which is a pain. Think it's picking up via the mains line, as it's a lot quieter when the laptop is on battery, though then I've got a widescreen Samsung monitor putting out QRM as well.

I will have a QSX for PMQ, but it seemed to have been fine on the MF or low MF bands, as well as the bcast AM band. Whereabouts in NZ are you? I'm at a place called Kaharoa, which is just north of Rotorua, out in the quiet of the sticks, and high up, to boot, at around 420 metres elevation.

Regards, Paul
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