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i just wonder what is the problem is there one?
I have worked in my younger days for a shipping company of european management, managing many vessels under various flag states and in saying this, crews of various nationalities.
In the 60;s while at sea the red duster, and british registered shipping companies, I was only aware of white crew entrainment, and for this the film service offered by the Shipping Library service, run by the seamans educational society.
In my ignorance I am unaware if we had an asiactic/foriegn crew they were not issued with dedicated local language films: However they were invited to watch the as issued english language films.
I just wonder what the modern seafares welfare societies in the international ports of the world [Rotterdam-in europe] what they may now offer?
Further on a flagged ship in 2019 what are the off watch facilities for entertainment relaxation, with modern officers and crew being multinational in the truest sense of the word.
Is it all TV's and satellite services for tv and telephones?
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