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Filmed closer to the action, Duluth Cargo Connect Timelapse 2 minutes 24 seconds video of Industrial Song discharging windmill blades, using ships' cargo gear.

See Screen-Capture-Industrial-Song.jpg attached.

Please take a look at NorthernImages-industrial-Song-Portugal flag-E.jpg attached.

Another great drone shot from Duluth Pro Photographer Dennis O'Hara

This is a better angle than previous pictures, it shows a lot of the area around the Clure Marine Terminal. The Song is tied to pier D. It is a multi-purpose pier see:

Dock-C-D-Artist-Rendering-Phase-I-2015-E.jpg attached

This piece of land used to be home to two huge grain elevators.

Anyway the JB Ford can be seen at the Azcon Scrap Yard:

VERY slowly scrapping the vessel ....

You can see windmill tower sections with their distinct orange end caps lying close by the ship. In the upper right corner you can see windmill blades. In between did you notice the several rows of mostly white trucks parked shoulder to shoulder? Here, look at this:


Altec manufacturers and builds cranes and drills and specialized bodies that they place on new mostly white truck chassis' that commonly are delivered by rail from the chassis factories. Altec advertise customers in 100 countries. You can see a row of completed vehicles on the left in the back row. Altec employs 200-250 people in Duluth.


Altec-Products-E.jpg (82.5 KB)
Dock-C-D-Artist-Rendering-Phase-I-2015-E.jpg (112.1 KB)
JBFord-E.jpg (82.3 KB)
NorthernImages-industrial-Song-Portugal flag-E.jpg (116.7 KB)
Screen-Capture-Industrial-Song-E.jpg (85.8 KB)

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