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Thanks Rick, that site is one of my sources.

Billie Boy, I did not know that Tremo pioneered plastic. I am particularly interested in the lead models of 1937-40 which was then on Treforest Industrial Estate. One of the founders Freiedrich Winkler, a German Jew escaping from the Nazis, was interned in 1940 and the company then went into liquidation. I have come across suggestions that other employees emigrated to the US and made USN Identification Models. Winkler apparently emigrated to South Africa after the war, although the moulds quite obviously survived as some models were again alledgedly produced after the war. Your suggestion of plastic models is fascinating. Do you have evidence other than personal recollections?

There is apparently one book by an Italian Michele Morciano, Classic Waterline Ship Models, which deals briefly with the company, but otherwise very little, which is why I am sourcing original models, catalogues and personal anecdotes to try to piece something together. Any information most welcome.

Thanks for your interest,

John T
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