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Nice to hear you still have memories of the old Amazon, I think we were the lucky ones to have sailed Ocean Going Vessels up to Iquitos. Booth Line was taken over by the Blue Star Ship Management around 1975 and things were never the same again. I relieved John Needham a couple of times...he married an American girl from Brooklyn, seems to have dropped off the radar. Eric Bentley affectionately known as Cri Cri, married a Brazilian girl from Manaus and after Booth Brazil closed, opened a Shipping Agency in Manaus, which after his death a few years ago is now run by his sons. Sailed with Tommy Morgan and Lou Jones both great characters on the Amazon....Ogonowski was also a real character, don't know if you remember Ned St Roas he was Superintendent in Belem at around your time on the Amazon...sadly he has passed away.
Busy putting my memories down on paper at the you say memories of the past come flooding back...the more I write the more it seems I remember.
Nice to hear from you..good luck for the future.
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