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Originally Posted by Rhodri Mawr View Post
One Silver Line ship not yet mentioned - Silverleaf.

I sailed as RO on her in 1967-68. Joined in Greenwell's Drydock in Sunderland, left in Hull. Voyage was from Sunderland to New Orleans (Destrehan) to load grain for Navlakhi (India). Thereafter, visited karachi, Durban, Cape Town, Montreal, Philadelphia then Hull.

A very happy ship but the old grey cells are failing a little. The only names I can remember were: Dai Bowen - Master. Mr Sydney - CO, Ian Harrison - 2/O, Dave Fielden - 3/O. Chief STeward was the much mentioned Hank Otter. Mr Dewar - CE. Mr Small - Leckie. One of the deck cadets was Neil (forget his surname) but was from Hull.

Was sorry to leave that ship. Great voyage.

Was the Silverleaf one of the first Silverline ships with a shaft generator? If my memory serves me correctly, she had a 55" Sunderland Forge dc shaft generator.
Was the C/O Bob Sydney from Darlington? Was Ian Harrison as quiet a young man as he was when older? Captain Hill always referred to Ian as "Smile awhile". I was C/E with Ian when he was in command of the managed "Carchester". Len Dewar was the C/E and Hank Otter the C/S on the Silvercrag on my first voyage in 1964. Capt. Hopkins was the Master
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