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Originally Posted by billyboy
I was told to ring greenhyth 2345 and ask for a Mr Kimberley and I would get a berth, still waiting now!! ... LOL
His name was Mr. Kimber. In 1962, I also rang him and unfortunately he phoned back,
Gave me the Mate's job on the "Aquity". With a fresh 2nd. Mates ticket and no coastal experience, I had the luck to take the first watch leaving Leith. Asked the Captain where the pilot was to which he replied "You are He". The Old Man also reassured me that whatever I did with an Everards ship was not a big problem as someone else would have already done better.

Checked the charts to find that the latest correction was done in 1949. We had to use a carved rubber to indicate the position on the chart as erasing pencil marks would eventually wear them out.

Seriously though. I learned more about seamanship and shiphandling with Everards than anywhere else.

Empire Tedship 891 193 32 43 1946 Coastal Tanker.
MOWT managed by Anglo-Saxon Petroleum Co.
1947 FISCHERIA, Anglo-Saxon Petroleum Co.
1951 ACUITY, F.T.Everard & Sons, London.
1967 VITTORIOSA, Betamar Carriers Ltd, Somalia
1968 Converted to water tanker.
1969 NEPTUNIA TERZA, Compania di Davide Russo & Co, Italy.
1975 Scrapped Italy.

also sailed on:

Empire Tedassa 947 193 34 16 1945 Coastal Tanker.
MOWT managed by Anglo-Saxon Petroleum Co.
1947 FOSSARINA, Anglo-Saxon Petroleum Co.
1950 AMITY, F.T.Everard & Sons, London.
1965 Scrapped Great Yarmouth.

If anyone has photos, would sure appreciate them
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