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Originally Posted by NoR View Post

How can I get hold of the Pedestel Convoy video?

Roger Hill wrote a great book called 'Destroyer Captain' about his experiences in command of destroyers during WW2.
I still have the video of Pedestal Convoy that I taped off of Channel 4 some 15, or so, years ago. It was only about a year ago that a film producer, desperate to get hold of a copy, joined SN in the hope that somebody may point him in the right direction.
He was lucky-by doing a search-to find a mention I had made about it on some thread or other. As I had only one copy at the time I was somewhat reluctant to let it go to a complete stranger. However, I could not resist his offer to get it transferred onto DVD. He was as good as his word and duly returned the tape and two DVD copies by registered post!! (Yet another proof of what a wonderful site SN is.).
I don't know you,NoR, either, but if you would send me a PM with some details I'll see what can be done.

I too have Roger Hill's book and also a copy of his obituary (he died in New Zealand not so long ago). In the book he made mention of the ward-room piano. I managed to trace the origins of that piano: it was given to the destroyer by one of the two Lesleys (Leslie Sarony and Leslie Holmes, entertainers) The latter had bought it for his son in the hope that he may follow in his father's foot-steps, but as he, the son, was not inclined to learn to play the piano, daddy gave it away to the destroyer. Sonny boy did not know-until I told him-that H.M.S.Ledbury survived the war and was eventually broken up: what became of the piano, the record is silent.
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