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Originally Posted by Hugh Ferguson View Post
Yes, Trader, it was unfair and I immediately regretted it. I sailed mostly with Chinese crews and, strangely, with a largely Liverpool crew in the old coal burning Glenfinlas which actually was the ex. Elpenor. When she reverted to being the Elpenor again I was in her for another 3 voyages with a super crowd mostly from Liverpool. I can still remember some of their names, Bill Brabner, Jimmy Newall come to mind. The demon drink never seemed to afflict the Chinese, even in Hong Kong where they were able to relax for a couple of days on the outward passage.
Is it possible that the Bill Brabner you referred to could have been Mick Brabender if so he was the first Bosun Instructor in the Odyssey Works Deck School 1958. He returned to sea after a year / 18 months. The new Instructor was Dennis O'Brian (OB) another legend.
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