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Remember Angus Smart? Master in NAESS PIONEER 1970, my first ship.

The story was that some years earlier J&J ran add in the papers...

"J & J Denholm are looking for a smart Chief Officer for their new bulker."

Along comes a fellow and replies to Head Office....

"I think I am the right person for your new ship. I am, A. Smart, Chief Officer!"

He got the job.

As they said on the PIONEER....

A. Smart, Chief Officer.
A. Smart, Captain.
A. Smart, Basta*d!!!!!!!

I don't remember him as a B'stard. I do remember getting a clip around the ear a few times. One night departing Rio, he sent me aft to his cabin to get the sandwiches from his quarters. Went down aft from the midships bridge via the 'tunnel'. On the way back I took a half of the 'piece', rearranged so that he would not notice. Back to the wing as lookout. He came right behind me and gave me a clip round the ear and said nothing.

Two other Masters in the PIONEER, Ian Wildish, RR Kinder. Fine gentlemen.
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