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Originally Posted by seaman38 View Post
Were the ships built by the same yard? or belonging to same company

I have found that with sailing with different companies but the ships built in the same yard the accommodation layout rarely changes. Most of the ships I sailed on had the galley on the centre line at aft end of accommodation, with deck crews and P O's messrooms adjacent (across the alleyway) on the starboard side and engineroom crew on port side

Food for thought
Well lets see.
I have 64 ships in my discharge book. 10 of them were repeats, 3 were tankers, 2 were ore carriers, 2 were passenger liners, and 2 were coasters.
That leaves 45 general cargo ships. 26 were Blue Funnel, mostly built to very similar designs. The remaining 19 were various companies built by various yards, and on all of these 45, I am fairly sure the galleys were on the port side. The only ones I am uncertain of are the Vives (Mac Andrews), Cotopaxi (PSNC) Essequibo (Royal Mail) Tactician(Harrisons)and Waipawa, (SSA).
Regardless of where the galley was sited, the very worst feeder was the Cotopaxi.
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