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Originally Posted by kewl dude View Post
The US Flag ships I sailed had a night cook/baker who worked midnight - 0800. He was like a short order cook who made anything one wanted for breakfast, when those on the 12-4 got off @ 0400. He prepared 0800 breakfast for the whole crew, served by the day shift; along with baking fresh breads and rolls.

Greg Hayden
One of the first jobs was to fabricate duplicate keys. Leave the wives to send bacon sandwiches down to the ER on 12-04 watch! Then there was the "geyser", used to boil eggs to accompany the bacon sandwiches........!

All Galleys, port side a la Pat Kennedy, even in modern vessels.

The fly in the soup were the Norwegian RoRos. Microwaveable meals in trays, in the mess. Then again, they ran 18 crew total compared to 28 on Blue Funnel (80's).

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