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for member "PZULBA" re. DPC Khazzan Dubai I

In a preceding post I asked for the names of two tugs that towed DPC's "Khazzan Dubai I" the 60 miles from its fabrication site in Jumeirah to its installation location in DPC's Fateh Field back in August 1969. The answer is ZWARTE ZEE and THAMES of L. Smit Co. Internationale Sleepdienst.
Having answered my own question, I didn't want to leave my earlier query 'open' in this forum, and because your post inspired my interest, I thought I'd let you know in case you're still checking in from time to time.
Look, if you're interested, you might enjoy a film featuring Dubai back in 1969. After a general introduction to the emirate and appropriate recognition of Sheikh Rashid, there's footage of Khazzan I under construction, tow, and installation. The link is
It might also be available at "" as "film 14534", but I haven't tried this alternative.
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