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Memory lane

Originally Posted by ianiie999 View Post
Another name from my time at FNC was Steven Lamb. Big and hairy and great fun. Remember the Carla Gran? Having our dance and booze dos. Im very sad to find out he passed away in April this year. He had been working in the North Sea on a supply boat. RIP Lamby
Just noticed ian your post on steve lamb, can't believe that. I let him share my bedsit with me opposite the Jolly Roger for a while when we were doing the radar. Used to teach him stuff and blow me if he didn't go and pass that time around. He didn't do the radar as he felt he'd taken that long passing he needed to earn some money so he was off to sea in a flash. He'd earned it. I was lucky enough to retire at 55. Left in 84 after 10years of it and did 26 years with group4 and ADT technical division on electronic security(easystreet compared to an MRGC).....I'm just coming up for official retirement now in February ....paperwork's just arrived this week.....time flys. Lived in Penrith since 80's as it was where mam and dad were from but they're all gone now so having holidayed for 25 years along that Galloway coast bought a big static caravan there in April this year at WestBarr just above Port William near Stranraer ( it's on Facebook and net) mostly for the Bass fishing which is bliss but it's the land that time forgot so we love it. Intend to try and do 50/50 between there and Penrith as it's onl 2hours from here. Other than that both my lads are 30+ and grandsons 10 now. Joined 2 gun clubs 10years ago so have done a lot of rifle shooting and even taught firearms handling for 3 years. Getting ready to spend Xmas at the van and luckily still well mobile and healthy. Pete Graham lives near me but haven't bumped into him in sainsbury recently cos he usually has some info on spendlove and co as he was part of that crowd. Met that Linda who was doing the sparks course at her house near Kendal a few years back, she married a mate and went to sea that way then they had a static caravan business on the A6 near shap for a few years.....dunno what they're doing now. I see John quines on here, he's been in touch last couple of days and is usually good for info. Graham Allison was working for I.o.m harbour board and u can see Graham Basnett on Facebook, he doesn't look much different unlike the rest of us😂. Do keep in touch and I'll post u anybits of info I pick up in future.....all the best mate...Ron
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