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Van Ommeren and the Langlee Clyde

I sailed for nearly a year as a deck apprentice on the Langleeclyde,both to South and East Africa and to Australia.I remember her as a very happy ship,with excellent relationships between the fare paying passengers,the female stewardess,s and the crew in general.
After we docked in Liverpool in either 1950/60 the passengers through an appreciation party for the crew anf hired no others but the "SILVER BEATLES" as the band. As the senior officer left on board it fell to me to see that our guests were suitably "bedded" and there-in lays some other stories that you will not find in "official" biographies of that group.
the other apprentice was a David Pither who I have been trying to trace for more years than I care to remember.
Geoff Clarke,now in Brisbane, Queensland
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