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Rosie & Big Phil

Marabank 1971, Weirbank 1972, Willowbank 1973, Gownbank 1974, Corabank 1975. I remember Rosie and her charges very well. One Jenny Bancan brings back memories! 2nd Mate on Weirbank married one of them IDC. Big Phil in Melbourne - one of her friends was Diane Kloppman who like the others needed 10 ton gear - but fun it certainly was - her husband (ex Ellerman 2nd Mate) didn't seem to mind either. Also Melbourne but not connected with Big Phil was Diamond Lil and another vast friend - they were both into their 50s but would try anything once. The Lekky on Gowanbank was treated to a good time in Brisbane - phone call to ship asking for the electrician - who said he didn't know anybody in Brisbane but shortly afterwards headed for the beach - we didn't see him again for three days. As others have said, happy memories.
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