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utc shooting

Hi Eric thanks for comming back on the web, your post was very interesting to me and did make me look at it i have been involved with utc for 50 years now and have 1000 of cutting from all sorts of press ect but never come across anything about that.I have an old friend who is still alive at the age 94 his name is captian Bill Hopper and he was one of utc top men in the towing world and he finished up been the marine super in the office and every thing had to go by him i gave him a call as soon as i so your report and he new nothing about that he had been with utc 55years. the only bad thing that utc had was when the Welshman ex GROWLER was towing from the USA to Hong KONG two of the deck hands had a fight on the aft deck and after a punch one of them hid his head on the tow rail and died,the other lad was found guilty of manslaughter and was locked up in H.K.for 18 mth captain TIM Bond WAS SKIPPER OF THE TUG AND WOULD NOT LEAVE HIS CREW MAN OUT THERE and got the ok from the office to stop out there and do his own thing and get as much work at his end and the office would look for work at this end this was done with a good out come to both partys the crew man did his time and Tim Bond picked him up when he came out of the jail. i do have a full report and paper cutting of it all names of people and the name of the ship been towed sam

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