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Originally Posted by Eric Bennett View Post
Yes Sam that could be me. this is what I posted:- I was an Ordinary Seaman on the overseas Towage and Salvage Co tug Dexterous from 25th July 1947 to 21 October 1947 and had to pay off owing to an eye injury. About August/September 1947, one of our tow's with two LCM's took us to Bilbao, Northern Spain. whilst we at Bilbao, there was a United Towing Co; tug there with the usual "man" on the tail end of it's name. The First Mate had been shot by one of Franco's trigger happy police as he tried to cross a Spanish Naval craft to get to his own vessel. He was in hospital with five bullets in him and the tug was not allowed to leave unless they took the Mate with them dead or alive. Would any of you United towing Co; tugees know what the name of this tug was and if the mate survived?
His name was George (Daggy) Dee and as you rightly say he was shot by Franco's trigger happy police in Spain. I sailed with him when he was skipper with United Towing and he told me the story and showed me his bullet wounds. He was actually helping (well actually carrying) a sparky back who was worse for wear after a night out. Incidentally he just lives round the corner from me, he is knocking on a bit but still on the go.

He was shot by police in Spain
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