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Hi Ant P,
Being an ex tuggie, I would like to join and will send an e-mail shortly. I had a look at your facebook page and saw a few faces I recognised. Brought back a few memories.
I read a post somewhere on this site where someone could remember all the crew from their first trip. I remember lots of people from various trips, but the only full crew I can remember was my first trip. So here goes.
Towing Master: Charlie Noble
Navigating Master: Capt Gough
Mate: Tony Iverson
R/O: John Taylor
Cook: Tom ?/Bill Good
Chief: Charlie Boxhall
2nd: Pete Yeoman
3rd: Alfie Dales/Dave Hoe
DH's: Keith Bryant, Mike Selkirk, Barry Share, Tom Turner.
We relieved the crew of the Englishman in Singapore during June 1970. Unfortunately the company couldn't get a relief for the 3rd engineer Alfie Dales. He had to wait until we towed a tanker to Japan and he then got relieved by Dave Hoe.
I cannot remember the cooks last name. Tom was an ex big boat chief cook/steward. His wife passed away a few months into the trip and he returned home for the funeral. The company could not get a replacement straight away and we had to attend a salvage job in Vietnam. (Seatrain Washington) Mike Selkirk and I took over the cooking until Bill Good could join us when we returned to Singapore.
Quite an eventful experience for a 15 year old. We got relieved on the 30th Dec 1970, my 16th birthday.
I know from various posts that some of these guys are still around. Would be nice to know the others are.
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