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different ships

Originally Posted by bill thompson View Post
Lovely watercolour Alan.Bank Boats always looked a bit light on for accommodation to me.My old outfit Smiths of Cardiff built their ships at Sunderland for many years,but they always looked to have a bit more accommodation than Bank Line.

Non-the-less Bank Boats were always great looking ships and no matter where you were in the world you were never surprised to see one.

Like the rest of us I'm old now but my heart is still back there in the 50's and 60's.
Hallo Bill

Agree with your observations, definitely. I used to wonder at all the accommodation visible on some pure cargo ships that were not carrying 12 or more passengers.

Had a look at your profile, and would love to hear your observations re the difference between sailing on British tramps and the Aussie Coast. That must have been an eye opener. I was always in awe of both the conditions and the facilities on the Aussie Coasting vessels. Recall boarding some of the BHP ' Iron' ships by invitation. It was another world entirely!
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