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Originally Posted by Allenjones View Post
I am writing on behalf of my Dad, Allen Jones who served in the merchant navy with Bank line between 1955 and 1965 before settling in Melbourne Australia where he met my mum. He was an engineer on the Clyde Bank, Lossie Bank and the Tweed Bank. He has many happy memories of this time in his life and he loves to reminisce. He went all over the world and had many amazing stories that he shared around the family dinner table for years to come. He doesn't use the computer much now but he would love to chat to anyone with similar experiences from this time. He sailed from Liverpool.
the name does bot ring a bell,but I was senior app on the Clydebank from 1/4/55 to 6/8 /56 and we spent most of our time on the south african/far east run,yes they were the good times,
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