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Originally Posted by Ant P View Post
Hi Geoff,
Thanks for the good wishes, and it is good to hear from you. It should be stressed that we are including the Humber Tugs part of the Company in the Society. Humber Tugs were created in the 1950's for the river and docks, and near continental work but were a big part of the start of the North Sea also. We will be holding an exhibition about Humber Tugs towards the end of 2016. Any photos or information/stories etc would be greatly received. We also have an ex ship's agent from Falmouth has joined the Society if you are interested?
Thanks again for getting in touch.
Regards, Tony
Prior to joining the MN with BSL I worked in Ship Repair in Hull.
When Statesman was bought by UT all of the ship repairer companies (Brigham & Gowan, Drypool Engineering and Humber St. Andrews, perhaps a few more) got a piece of the action for a full overhaul of the tug. I believe she was the largest in the world at the time early '70's .
Humber St. Andrews got the job of o/hauling all the cylinder heads and fuel valves as we were set up for that in our Diesel Shop, and were there some cylinder heads.
She was twin screw with two diesels on each shaft (via a gearbox), each diesel was a 'V' 8 or 16 cylinder not sure, but typical US criteria more cylinders (but only small ones) more power. Then there were the D/A's not sure of the configuration but a bunch of cylinder heads. Being small and also made of alloy, not a lot of weight.

Thumbnail (by Herbert Ballard Industrial Photographers) shows her on speed trials in the Humber, looking almost like a yacht than a tug.
I believe she was owned by the Japanese (with some unpronounceable name) but built by the US, hence the GM's or Detroit Diesels.
If you want a jpeg of the Statesman for your exhibition, PM me.
It is a scan of the original B&W photo taken by a childhood fried who worked for Ballard's at the time.
I will add to the Gallery also.
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