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Is anybody in touch with Richard Wells (Red Wells , as he liked to be known) 3rd Engineer, obviously retired now. He ws from the Liverpool area and sailed with Booth Line and perhaps Lamports also.
He was my 3rd when we brought back the Benedict from the shipyard in Rio Brazil 78/79 and as I was a 1st trip 2nd he helped a great deal. In fact the 4thand cadet and lecky were all good lads.
As we were all in the same boat (no pun intended) a new ship with equipment and engines we had never come across before. Our first few watches from Rio to Belem it guess or by god, much crossed fingers.
We had our trials and tribulations with that ship till she settled down.
Cotton waste in the HFO service tank causing surging of the engine whilst rolling.
Fuel purifiers not set up with correct gravity disc by shipyard.
OWS heating coils cracked filling boiler with oil.
Hotwell with sight glass wrong side, hence above. Partly filled hotwell with oil.
Fuel pipe through ballast tank cracked or weld failed causing contamination of ballast and fuel tank.
Failure of fuel injector cylinder head bushes on mechanica pasada DA's.
Fitted with a hand operated ( glorified bike pump) black start compressor, rather than a Distar set.
Blacked out on maiden voyage in Barbados, due to too much water in DO that DOP never removed, just pumped.
Managed to get a jump start off a tug via the deck air line.
Due to the extra accomodation deck the gm was a bit dodgy.
Small overflow of stern tube oil out of the header tank in the boiler flat ( and she was cooling down as well) just before arrival Liverpool, never did hear what caused it.
ME (7 cyl MAN , same as QE 2 generators) somewhat underpowered, needed the extra cylinder at least as engine was on the propellor power curve all the time, no allowance for heavy weather.

But after settling down was a pretty good ship.
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