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Originally Posted by jonog View Post
I sailed in the Boniface and the Benedict in 1983. Belem was unbelievable. 24 hour party town par excellence. Obidos upriver was very odd. Went ashore with some guys who were poisoned by 'high wine' wood alchohol mixed with Bacardi. Manaus was even better than Belem, especially The Cathedral club, built in the crypt of the ruins of the burnt out cathedral. What went on there was definitely NOT in the Book of Common Prayer!!!
Did you ever sail with Richard (Red) Wells, 3rd Engineer for many years with Booths. He sailed on the maiden voyage of the Benedict as my 3rd.
He knew everybody up the river, Alan the repair man, the Booth country manager and his family, the Marine Super, names lost in the mists of time, tide and Tennants (well perhaps not as I didn't like the stuff, but it rymed).

Now Brahma Chop or Mount Gay rum ( you have to watch what you write these days, hence adding the rum).

Just wondered if Red was still around.
I wrote a long post about that voyage on the L&H section, so won't repeat here.
Had a reply from Sparky 1.
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