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30 James Street

Albion House ex Pacific Buildings, James Street Liverpool.

Seems a lot of people including the press are ignorant of the fact, that 30 James Street built 1896/98 by the White Star Line...was owned by the Pacific Steamship Company who bought it from the White Star Line in 1934, who had been there for 38 years or so. and remained as their head office called Pacific Buildings for 31 years until Furness Withy took over the Royal Mail Lines/Pacific Steam Company in 1965. It was PSNC that commissioned the floor mosaic of South America in the foyer when they took it over from White Star line.
BSSM took over the 30 James street and called it "Albion House"..........the local name for the building was "Streaky Bacon House" after its red and white brickwork .....I am not quite sure how long BSSM stayed there but it was nowhere near the 31 years that the Pacific Steamship Company used it as their Head Office.
The present Hotel owners and the press either from ignorance or play on the White Star past have simply airbrushed The Pacific Steam Navigation Company out of the picture....nothing has been mentioned about Reina del Pacifico and Orduna which carried thousands of troops during WW2, and served with distinction during the North Africa landings...peacetime "Reina del Pacifico"......most of PSNC cargo ships carried 12 passengers, so the ground floor of Pacific Buildings which was the passenger department as well as the cash department saw plenty of coming and goings.
James Street Station was badly damaged as was "Pacific Buildings" during the war.......including the "Goree Warehouses", which were demolished after the war to the widen the roads....I remember the bomb damage very well and its really amazing to see how Liverpool has changed over the years....anyone that never rode on the Overhead Railway(Dockers Umbrella) certainly missed out
Booth Line original seagoing staff offices were in Wapping...more or less opposite Queens dock were the Booth Line ships docked
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