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Kostantis Yemelos

Whilst serving as Master in Booth Line in 1968, the Brasilian Government in all there wisdom decided to ban the export of lumber in log form, hence forth only cut timber would be allowed. You can imagine the panic as the shippers who had relied on the export of logs tired to get there stocks exported before the rule can into force. Most of the logs we carried were mostley for the Portuguese market, Libon or Leixoes. So you can imagine the urgency in Booth Lines offices to charter any ship to fullfill the shippers present needs
I flew out to Recife to join a ship called Kostantis Yemelos, which a found had been originally built as "Samiday" run by Holt and Co Liverpool in 1947 she became the "Scholar" Harrison Line........1964 she was bought by Greek owners and became "Kostantis Yemelos"

She had just finished loading grain, and I happened to be in the Captain's cabin when the receivers can in and stated they were x amount of tons short, impossible replies the Captain. Anyway that afternoon I did the on survey accompanied by the Master and Mate. First hatch I survey was No 1 hold and along with a number of faults I pointed out was that the air vent for the DB tank was rusted right through.....which started a big row between the Master and the Mate. A couple of days later whilst underway to the Amazon the crew were walking along the foredeck with bags of grain..seemingly No1 DB was filled with the missing x amount of grain. It seems they intended to sell this grain and the cook was quite angered because he could not fit down the manhole and was not included in a share of the profits. Anyway we had a successful trip with a full cargo to discharge at Lisbon and Leixoes, were I put her off charter.
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