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Originally Posted by P.Arnold View Post
I used to tally palletised animal skins somewhere on the river and cray fish tails at Fortaleza to tally them off at Charleston.

We were without a 3rd mate for several weeks, during which time I kept watches, and did the helm, under the watchful eye of Cpt Needham.

Can’t remember what I got paid, but I didn’t have to use my “signing on pocket money” for the 14 months I was away.

And those thunderstorms !!
I clearly got off light then as I tallied timber on the Amazon and KFC (certainly chilled boxes of chicken) in St Lucia. The KFC tallying was made very easy by the discovery that most of it had been pilfered in New York.

I'm less happy that we pilfered timber from the rain forest but that's another discussion, another day.

My memory bank says I had an hourly rate of $10 (obviously declared to HMRC) - I played hard to get as that looks like about $40 (justified) dollars today. I bought a camera from my earnings, the pics from which are around somewhere, I must dig them out.
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