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Booth Line

Originally Posted by Foca View Post
I do remember carrying animal skins from the Amazon, used to come in two varieties, wet and dry.The wet ones stunk to high heaven. Frozen cargo we carried most were the Blue Water Catfish, also in late sixties and early seventies we carried shrimp from Georgetown, Guyana to New York. Although we tallied them in we were always short on discharge.....and resultant was a nasty letter from Marine Superintendents. So in Georgetown we tallied them on the quay and into the hold and again we were short in NY, until on the next trip we tallied then twice in Georgetown and out in NY. And the next thing we heard was, a lorry had pulled up in the Warehouse at Pier One asking for his forty cases of shrimp, only he asked the wrong guy and it turned out that was what had been happening along ....Mafia again.
I remember the stinking skins and the shrimp shortages very well indeed. Almost as well as the hang overs in Belem!!
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