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Memories of Booths

During my 13 years in Booths, mostly spent on the UK and US runs..except for six months I spent in Lagos in the cement queue on the "Dominic ", but that's a story for another time. We did have some funny times with the antics of the was about 0100hrs in Cabadelo and I was on the bridge checking the gear as we were sailing at three, when I heard a thump on the quay, looked over the bridge wing and there was the pantry boy legging it up the dock overcoat, case and all...called some of the crew to chase after him...he had fallen in love and was jumping ship to get married. I think it was the same trip we were in the Islands loading logs and one of the AB's came to me to say he had seen a local come onboard with a snake and when he left he did not have the snake..he was quite adamant..bloody big snake it was. Anyway it was all forgotten until we arrived in Las Palmas and one of the crew was ill and went ashore to the doctors and was put in hospital. Message came back to pack his gear and send it ashore, so his roommate who slept in the lower bunk started packing his gear..opened the drawer under his bunk to find this big snake curled up in the drawer, he nearly died of fright when he thought that he had been sleeping with the snake just below him.....of course the AB was vindicated, told you Second. Another time in Trinidad the stevedores used to swear something awful…we were sitting in Leckies cabin having a quiet beer…and this guy was shouting down number 3 hatch, what he was going ashore to do his wife and his mother and come back and do the same to him. Our scouse bosun one day had a word in the boss stevedores ear, saying that the crew all being Christians were very upset about all this cursing and swearing….anyway it certainly did the trick…until Friday afternoon when the head stevedore approached the bosun and asked him if he would like to come to their church on Sunday and read the lesson.
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