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Originally Posted by Santos View Post
Hi Guys,

I was up in Manaus in 1960s on the L+H Sheridan. Along with our sister ship Spencer we ran between New York, West Indies and Manaus and St lawrence in the summer months, you may remember us.

Met quite a few Booth ships up there and in the Amazon and our two ships were later transfered to Booth Line as the Cyril and Cuthbert. I also sailed on the Rubens, which became the Bernard, and sailed on her again when she came back to L+H as the Rossini.

Hi Chris

Im in possession of my late brother Paul Abrams Chief Engineers reports from when he joined MN in Jan 65 until he left in 1980
He was with LH and started off on Ronsard and was engineer on Spenser from Feb 66 to Feb 67 before joining Ronsard again.
He then did stints on Veras, Veloz & Venimos up until 1972.
I've also got loads of pics but 50 years later can't really say what part of the world they are from!!! But I do remember he did the trips up the Amazon to Manaus and I've still got an old Winchester style rifle that he brought back telling me (I was only at primary school at the time) that it was used to shoot at the locals who tried to shimmy up the mooring ropes!!!
Also remember him returning from one trip and meeting him in Liverpool, he'd been away for what seemed like years, and he gave my mum a load of fillet steak to take back with us but the little freezer in the fridge wasn't big enough for it all so we were on best steak every night - a bloody luxury back then.
So many memories.
Regards - Alan
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