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Originally Posted by EdScott View Post
I was dismissed on Thursday 14 of March 1985 with no written confirmation of this (they never liked putting anything in writing) then within a few weeks the TGWU branch filed an application with the local industrial tribunal for an unfair dismissal hearing against Humber Tugs.
They enlisted the help of Andrew Marvel Jackson a Hull based solicitor of whom I can find no reference on the internet --its as if the man never existed. From late March out to the following November the company came up with a littany of excuses as to why their witnesses could not attend, Sanderson was on holiday, then a few weeks went by and it was Gels turn to conveniantly be away, next was Jacksons turn not to be there and these delays were always announced after a new appearance date was offered by the courts service.
They were abusing the system but legally. I on the other hand was ready to go within a few weeks.
After they ran out of holidays we got an appearance in late November 85 and about 2 weeks before the union sent me a letter from Jackson offering 500 to drop the case, later increased to 750, which I refused. This was a "without prejudice" letter meaning I could not mention its existence in court. However I could have legally circulated it around the work force ---pity I did not think of this at the time!
Just one point about Andrew Jackson. They certainly do exist and
Have been in existence for a very long time. Among other things they have always specialised in Marine legal issues, and if you have ever had a salvage award while serving with United Towing or Humber Tugs they were the lawyers who handled the Procedures for the North British Group. They are located very close to the Green Bricks at the corner of Castle Street and Humber Dock side.

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