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First Tripper. Joined Antwerp discharging coal. First week was fantastic. Departed and headed round for Amsterdam. The bridge was midships, all of the accommodation was aft. I had been up to the bridge while in Antwerp., every morning and evening for flags and to wash down the wheelhouse deck etc. Anyhow, the way around to Amsterdam, Saturday afternoon was off. I decided to come up to the bridge 'at sea'. Did not come up through from the chartroom... just went up on the outside ladders and out to wing. Enjoying the summer breeze. The Old Man, Ian Wildish, saw me and said something to the 2nd Mate, Neil Morrison. He called me over to the door and said, "Go and play to somewhere else!" Felt like a real twit. By the end of afternoon it had become a laugh. Three weeks later, new Third Mate calls me over and says, "I am the Third. You are the cadet. You call ME Sir and I will call YOU Sir. The difference is, you meant it, I won't!" Still a good friend.
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