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Yes Kris, there was a good reason why we took on FW during PC transit, nothing to do with water qualiy of course. Bankboats also arrived hogged at Cristobal as the ships were always checked amidships , not fore and aft.The Belfast built ships of the 1950's, were in my opinion, the best of Bankline during my time,wood sheathed decks and loads of boatdeck for games and other leisure use. I also remember well, my excitement when,receiving a letter from the Company at the end of my leave,tearing it open, my eyes darting first to the underlined ships name at the top, ''Laganbank'' ''Foylebank'', great a short trip, on the phone to my girlfriend to share the good news. ''Ericbank'' oh no, whats this ?. I also remember enjoying my time as 2nd Mate more than at any other time, chart corrections, cargo plans, medical locker etc, but now I'm getting into the 1960's so I will go and have a cuppa,
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