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On this Bank Line Forum, to us older hands, there is one name very conspicuous by it's absence, and that is Captain Scobie. I remember all the letters from Weir's to me ref my application to join the company were signed A Scobie. Superintendents Department. I remember thinking, this must be a very important man, and I suppose he was just that. I don't remember when Capt Gale took over from him but I'm sure someone here knows the story. Extract from one of Capt Scobie's letters to me joining Myrtlebank. ''We enclose a Railway Voucher for your journey when joining, which please fully complete, in accordance with our further instructions, before exchanging for a ticket at the Booking Office.''. No mention of Airports back then, and that particular ticket turned out to be one from Larne to Tilbury Docks, via Stranraer. The telegram that followed these letters usually ended, '' kit readiness join acknowledge'', yes I remember going to bed with those words buzzing around in my head, no chance of sleep, going away to-morrow.
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