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Originally Posted by John Campbell View Post
And remember the hand pump , on the midship FW tanks, which was kept padlocked and the apprentices had to dole out two buckets per crew member per day and woe betide anyone who asked for more. I had that job under the beady eyes of Capt Hale. Remember how when passing through Panama opportunity was taken to replenish the FW from the lakes. I recounted this fact to several fellow cruisers as we passed through that waterway last year - they shook their heads at this tale saying that we would have all died of dysentery etc.

Thinking back remember the dreaded Water Barge in Kidder-pore and how we sometimes were desperate for pani and had to doctor the water with chemicals from the medicine chest. Did we really go through all this or is it my imagination?
Greetings John!
I had the pleasure of sailing with Capt' Freddy Hale on the "Ivybank" circa 50-52, a great chap, but you are the first to make mention of him
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