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Captain Alec Scobie had been the Marine Superintendent in Calcutta and was replaced by Captain Gale sometime before 1950. Scobie was Chief Marine Superintendent in London when I joined the company in 1953. I don't remember when he retired but it must have been around 1963(?) when he was replaced by Captain Gale. Scobie and John Hawkes (chartering director)were the driving forces behind Bank Line in the 50s and early 60s. They worked very well together, in fact, Lord Inverforth (II), Morton Weir, had to chastise them when they went too far by promoting their own ideas against his on one notable occasion! This caused a row and Scobie and Hawkes were retired soon afterwards! Nevertheless, Captain Scobie is remembered with great affection by all who worked with him. He was strict but fair and his knowledge of Bank Line ships was legendary. In Calcutta, his No.2 was Captain Chalmers who was succeeded by Captain Lidstone when Gale arrived. I can't remember the pecking order in the London office under Scobie. Perhaps someone else can enlighten us?
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