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Capt Scobie had a nephew in the Bankline - Jim Scobbie, who is well and lives in Colchester. He was a superintendent with Sealink for many years after leaving the Bankline as 2/0. We have been friends since the mid fifties when we had a 2 yr voyage on the IRISBANK together 2/0 and 3/0 under Capt. Palmer.

There are plenty of anecdotes about this trip, but one of the best concerns our frequent ' run ins ' with Palmer. Jimmy was hauled onto the bridge during my 8 to 12 evening watch when we were rounding the Cape of Good Hope and a ' new ' lighthouse appeared on the coast, which wasn't on the chart... Palmer found it in the pile of Notiice to Mariners on the chartroom settee, and after the expected dressing down, he shouted at Jimmy, '' If your uncle wasn't Capt Scobbie in the London Office, this would be very serious and I would ask for you to be relieved! ''

Jimmy had a 'so so' relationship with his Uncle, as he had complained about the food to him during a ship visit in a UK port. It caused a slight rift between them.

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