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Here,s a few although I doubt if I can match your style ,Ray.

Bilge diving to clear the blocked strum boxes in the Lower Holds after hosing down after discharging a cargo of grain. The smell of fermenting damp grain will live with us ever more.

Being given the hellish job of coating the lifeboat fall wires with some dreadful sticky black gunge that adhered to everything and fouled the mate.s pristine hollystoned boatdeck when it dropped off. And having to endure a bollicking for making a mess.

Keeping a look out - dead tired- on the bridge wing and desperately fighting sleep having had to do this after a hard day stowing dunnage in the tween decks.

Sunday Inspections with Captain Bob Smith and Ch.Mate Tom Orford and their bulling attitude (Capt.Bligh would have loved them) We Apps thought it would be a good idea to paint the brass impeller of the cabin fan and they had a fit.We spent the rest of the day burnishing it back to perfection. We came to dread Sundays.

Being tasked with painting out the captain's bathroom and having to endure all sorts of abuse re runs- hollidays etc.

Weevils in the porridge and eating the Bank line Breakfast of Minced Collops.

Lining upwiththe rest of the officers to get a TAB or Cholera or some such jag from Doc Gangully in Kidderpore - all done with the same old blunt needle in the happy days before aids came on the scene

Xmas and New Year Parties and the huge spread put on then - also the Xmas menus typed with great ornamentation by the Butler.

The channels and the first glimpse of the UK coast when returning after a two year trip.

That's enough for tonight.

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