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You remind me of some other instances so you can hold yourself responsible for the consequences! Funny how things get triggered off from the recesses of what now passes for my mind.

Food! I remember it being explained to me (having anything explained in those days was pretty unique) that the silvery green colour on the outside of the tough meat, if that indeed was what it was (some of us speak that way in Aberdeen), was characteristic of what they called silverside of beef.
To this day I am still not sure. But if it was so then why was it not called greenside of beef? It was certainly more green.
They could have marketed it using modern P.R. and prolonged the company's life. Mowbray pies, Cornish pasties, Bank Line greenside.
Is there still an Inverforth to put this proposition to?
There could be another career opening up.
Appreciate your reminiscences
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